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Esempio di codice per il trasferimento di file criptati in c#

Non dimenticare che in informatica un problema ha quasi sempre più di una soluzione, quindi ti mostreremo la più ottimale e la migliore.

Esempio: come criptare un file c#

//  Call this function to remove the key from memory after use for security[DllImport("KERNEL32.DLL", EntryPoint ="RtlZeroMemory")]publicstaticexternboolZeroMemory(IntPtr Destination,int Length);/// <summary>/// Creates a random salt that will be used to encrypt your file. This method is required on FileEncrypt./// summary>/// <returns>returns>publicstaticbyte[]GenerateRandomSalt(){byte[] data =newbyte[32];using(RNGCryptoServiceProvider rng =newRNGCryptoServiceProvider()){for(int i =0; i <10; i++){// Fille the buffer with the generated data
            rng.GetBytes(data);}}return data;}/// <summary>/// Encrypts a file from its path and a plain password./// summary>/// <paramname="inputFile">param>/// <paramname="password">param>privatevoidFileEncrypt(string inputFile,string password){// random saltbyte[] salt =GenerateRandomSalt();//create output file nameFileStream fsCrypt =newFileStream(inputFile +".aes", FileMode.Create);//convert password string to byte arrraybyte[] passwordBytes = System.Text.Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(password);//Set Rijndael symmetric encryption algorithmRijndaelManaged AES =newRijndaelManaged();
    AES.KeySize =256;
    AES.BlockSize =128;
    AES.Padding = PaddingMode.PKCS7;//"What it does is repeatedly hash the user password along with the salt." High iteration counts.var key =newRfc2898DeriveBytes(passwordBytes, salt,50000);
    AES.Key = key.GetBytes(AES.KeySize /8);
    AES.IV = key.GetBytes(AES.BlockSize /8);//Cipher modes:
    AES.Mode = CipherMode.CFB;// write salt to the begining of the output file, so in this case can be random every time
    fsCrypt.Write(salt,0, salt.Length);CryptoStream cs =newCryptoStream(fsCrypt, AES.CreateEncryptor(), CryptoStreamMode.Write);FileStream fsIn =newFileStream(inputFile, FileMode.Open);//create a buffer (1mb) so only this amount will allocate in the memory and not the whole filebyte[] buffer =newbyte[1048576];int read;try{while((read = fsIn.Read(buffer,0, buffer.Length))>0){
            Application.DoEvents();// -> for responsive GUI, using Task will be better!
            cs.Write(buffer,0, read);}// Close up
        fsIn.Close();}catch(Exception ex){
        Console.WriteLine("Error: "+ ex.Message);}finally{
        fsCrypt.Close();}}/// <summary>/// Decrypts an encrypted file with the FileEncrypt method through its path and the plain password./// summary>/// <paramname="inputFile">param>/// <paramname="outputFile">param>/// <paramname="password">param>privatevoidFileDecrypt(string inputFile,string outputFile,string password){byte[] passwordBytes = System.Text.Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(password);byte[] salt =newbyte[32];FileStream fsCrypt =newFileStream(inputFile, FileMode.Open);
    fsCrypt.Read(salt,0, salt.Length);RijndaelManaged AES =newRijndaelManaged();
    AES.KeySize =256;
    AES.BlockSize =128;var key =newRfc2898DeriveBytes(passwordBytes, salt,50000);
    AES.Key = key.GetBytes(AES.KeySize /8);
    AES.IV = key.GetBytes(AES.BlockSize /8);
    AES.Padding = PaddingMode.PKCS7;
    AES.Mode = CipherMode.CFB;CryptoStream cs =newCryptoStream(fsCrypt, AES.CreateDecryptor(), CryptoStreamMode.Read);FileStream fsOut =newFileStream(outputFile, FileMode.Create);int read;byte[] buffer =newbyte[1048576];try{while((read = cs.Read(buffer,0, buffer.Length))>0){
            fsOut.Write(buffer,0, read);}}catch(CryptographicException ex_CryptographicException){
        Console.WriteLine("CryptographicException error: "+ ex_CryptographicException.Message);}catch(Exception ex){
        Console.WriteLine("Error: "+ ex.Message);}try{
        cs.Close();}catch(Exception ex){
        Console.WriteLine("Error by closing CryptoStream: "+ ex.Message);}finally{

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